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Whitcomb's Soliloquy

PC Whitcomb describes himself as an eclectic performer, and there's certainly nothing ordinary about these gorgeous cocktails. We think Whitcomb would approve.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1 drink

Inspired by: Whitcomb, from our Heist ShortSight

3-4 oz Orange Mango Juice

2.5 oz gin (or lemonade)

3 T blueberry purée

2 oz plum syrup*

2-3 T grenadine or cocktail cherry syrup

Micro-basil garnish (optional)

Variety of fruit pieces (we included cherry, peach, blueberry, and strawberry)

  1. Add blueberry purée to bottom of tall glass.

  2. Gently pour plum syrup on top of the blueberry purée.

  3. Put gin (or lemonade), orange juice, and 3-4 ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and shake to combine and chill.

  4. Add ice to the tall glass and gently strain the shaken juice into the glass, pouring down the side of the glass to disturb the blueberry and plum syrup layers as little as possible.

  5. Float the grenadine on top of the juice by pouring it over the back of spoon down one side of the glass.

  6. While the grenadine settles, skewer your fresh fruit garnish onto a toothpick. Whitcomb would say the more the merrier!

  7. Top your cocktail with the fruit garnish and include your favorite green herb for extra pizzazz.

  8. Serve immediately and enjoy with your favorite performance.

*If you didn't make the plum chips (which have a byproduct of plum syrup) you can use a different syrup flavor or use simple syrup!


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